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Terms of Service

Reminder of my photos policy (such as I have one).

FB sharing and FB tagging are welcome. So is tagging in my flickr or picasa/google+ albums, though that is less common. I do try to have my albums of public events (e.g., MDRF, DCON) kept public so they can be accessed and tagged by the subjects or their friends even if I am not 'friends' with them in the social-media sense.

If you are the subject of a photo, you are welcome to download it and share it as you will on other 'free' sites. The 'subject' includes the owners or management of any location or event involved in a landscape or 'cast' shot (e.g., the MD Renaissance Festival or the National Park Service). The 'subject' also includes the creator of any costumes of the primary subject (again, for the festivals or for cosplay events).

Credit would be really nice, but not required. The subjects in my photos are welcome to ask for better resolution versions (or even for the 'raw' file, but keep in mind those can be huge). The subjects are free and welcome to use the photo for their Profile or Cover photos on social media sites.

If you are not the subject of the photo, I would prefer that you not download the file for uploading onto another service or even in your own FB wall, though you are welcome to 'share' the original link within the networks.

I can not stop one from downloading a photo (landscape or personal) for use as a background image for their desktop or mobile device, so I won't bother restricting such an action.

No permission is implicitly granted to use the photo in any paid publication (magazine, webzine, advertisement for any subject other than the one in the photo itself, or for a 'backgrounds' collection to give away or sell). No permission is granted to upload to any stock photo facilities for resale. No commercial license is granted. The material has NOT been released under Creative Commons.

Permission may be requested for such purposes, of course. I'll likely say yes, and also be inexpensive (or even free) as far as royalties go, but only such that I retain full ownership of the work for other uses. I do not accept the copyright practices of the last century where-by publishers presumed (or imposed) that only through their exclusive ownership of the artist's content would the artist be properly compensated. Such a practice, as described by Discipline Global Mobile, "was always questionable, often improper, and is now indefensible."

When in doubt, consult Wil Wheaton's Law.