So it has been quiet lately...

Posted by jwsadmin on April 5, 2015

So I haven't posted much here, nor I have I done much with photographs. The reason is actually a good one, as you might have seen if you also follow my javascript development blog.

Since the December holidays, I've been writing an app, SubFire, which has sucked up my spare time, but in a good way. SubFire is a client for the open-source media streamer, Subsonic, that is entirely html5 based. Being so, it can play on a variety of platforms. I originally wrote it for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick (which didn't have such a client yet), but it is also available as a Chrome app for the browser and ChromeBooks, and as a straight html5 page that can be played on just about any browser today (note: I've not tried IE nor Opera).

This has given me a fantastic outlet for all the experiences I've gained in the last 20 years (and most especially, the last 4), in thinking about design, layout, responsiveness, and structure...and customer relations and agile feature and bug tracking :). While I wouldn't call the code or architecture perfect or ideal, it has given me lots of insight on how to approach things in the future.

The other thing it has done has been to make my music more personal to me. One of the drawbacks of living in the cloud is that eventually all clouds kinda become the same. There's a sense of detachment that grows when one just fires up somebody else's app to listen to your music that's 20 miles (or more) away from you. Carrying mp3s on an ipod still made it feel like it was yours. Carrying a passport drive to the office machine still felt that way. But tapping into some other app to listen off the cloud and it starts to feel...different. So in making a personalized app that does what I want, I've re-personalized my music for me.

After this is 1.0'ed and out the door, I'm taking a vacation to California so expect new photos from Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Disneyland, Newport Beach, and more.

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